I HEART HEALTHY + some upcoming events

HELLOOOOOOOO! I truly hope that you are having a fabulous week.

Our family has officially been home in Canada for just over a month now and I can’t even begin to express how fabulous it is! Kids are in their new routine and I am LOVING being home and sharing all things healthy and it officially feels like summer.

Our time at home so far has been full and wonderful!

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healthy how to: kick sickies to the curb + a DIY bone broth

Ohhhh yes. The sickies have invaded our home again this year... a couple of times. 

Despite all my best efforts (that we will chat about below) germs from Sloane's pre-school are keeping me busy. 

Over the last few years I have shared some of my go-to natural remedies for doing your best to prevent getting sick but also ways to support the body as it gets better. 

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energy boosting tips for a #girlboss like you

Low energy got you down my friend? I get it. I have had moments on my mom-journey when my energy levels have been, well let's just say, less than ideal.

Nobody wants to go through life dragging their feet or feeling like they lack the energy to keep up with family and friends. So here is what I propose.  

Instead of reaching for your 4th coffee of the day, here are 5 energy boosting tips to allow you to own your health journey like a boss. 

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lemon coco energy bites

Quick snacks and healthy fuel is essential when you are on the go. 

For the record, this is both toddler and husband approved. 

These LEMON COCO ENERGY BITES take under 10 minutes to assemble. It's awesome if you can make a bigger batch since these are the perfect snack for the whole family or make a nice little treat after your meal. 


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friday randoms: a few of my favourite things

I hope you are able to carve in a little me time this weekend. My self-care will come in the form of a hot yoga class tomorrow AM with one of my besties. I had my first class back in {gasp....} almost 2 years last weekend, and truthfully I felt amazing. I took it easy and could not believe how much taller and less achy {my babes are getting heavy...} my body felt!

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Bulletproof coffee has become a bit of a big "thing" and is really popular in the Paleo community It is supposed to help you gain energy and is actually has its own brand of coffee beans.  I personally enjoy my own version of a bulletproof coffee and recently shared a pic of my cup of java on Instagram and I some people raised some good questions about it.

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packin' on up + how to save on your grocery bill

As I clean the house one last time, pack our bags and say goodbye to our Canadian family and friends,  I also bid farewell to my country kitchen. This includes using up all of our food by cleaning out the fridge, freezer and pantry. It always creates a bit of a fun challenge to use up the remaining ingredients and experiment a little along the way.

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big time gratitude + cold and flu prevention

Gooood morning friends! I am feeling full this morning. Full of gratitude, love and energy.

I had a great meet up with one of my favourite friends and fellow wellness warriors yesterday. You know that feeling when you are in the presence of someone who challenges you, makes you laugh and has this super high vibration that elevates your world? We all need to surround ourselves with more of those people.

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how-to soak, batch cook and use your chickpeas

I am a slave to batch-cooking when life gets crazy. Which seems to be always with a young family :) I want to share with you one of my favourite legumes, the chickpea AKA garbanzo bean. If you are looking to experiment with more plant-based proteins then these nutrient dense wee chickpeas are great to start with.

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End Of Summer Recipe Inspiration

Well hello gorgeous! Today I wanted to share what has been on the menu in my world with the hopes of providing you with a bit more recipe inspiration in your kitchen this week.

Thanks to my weekly CSA delivery from Lynn River Farm I still have amazing plant based building blocks to construct delicious and nutrient dense salads, smoothies and other summer meals.

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Seasonal & Local Recipe Inspiration

Good morning friends! Guess who celebrated their very 1st birthday over the Canada Day long weekend....

Lasha Olenka Photography captured some sweet memories for us

We had a spectacular afternoon celebrating our sweet baby girl. I can't even believe how fast that year went!

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what to eat post-workout

Ideally you want to replenish as soon after your workout as possible. The golden rule is usually to have some post-workout fuel within 30-60 minutes of completing your sweat sesh. I like to play around with variety of food choices and my schedule sometimes dictates what I will eat. Liquid nutrition is always a great option because it takes minimal digestion for your body to absorb and use the nutrients you are providing it with.

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a week in review + what's on my plate

Much of my last week has been spent "unplugged" as my little family headed to Chicago to catch up with some amazing friends. If you need a little motivation to unplug more regularly, read THIS.

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under the weather = green juice pick-me-up

I hope that you are having a fabulous week so far friends. I must admit that I have come down with a cold that is kicking my behind today. I could feel it coming on over the last 24 hours. truthfully, I rarely get sick and I attribute that to eating lots of healthy eats and living an active lifestyle. there is no time to feel sick when caring for a wee one. I thought I would share a few healthy ways I am trying to get back on track...

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