settling in at home + a challenge in self care

Home feels good.

Our family of three is now reunited back in Canada.


Oh yes, life is good.

Stocking my kitchen has been fun. Call me a nerd, but I always love starting with a clean slate in my kitchen every spring. It gives me some excitement and inspiration to get busy in the kitchen.

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Some of my first stops are to stock on up as many of the essentials as I can in a cost effective and convenient way – bulk. There are a couple places I go for this including my local Bulk Barn or Country Bulk for my summer haul of nuts and seeds. Costco is another favourite stop for things like quinoa, gluten free products and a few other items.

If you don’t do so already, a good little food storage tip is to get your nuts and seeds out of the pantry and into the fridge and/or freezer where they will stay fresh for up to 6 months. When you buy quality food, you want to make sure it stays fresh for as long as possible.

My main areas of focus since getting home on helping my daughter adjust to life in Canada, catching up with family and friends, meeting all sorts of new babies {YEAH} that were born while we were gone, unpacking, tending to my growing belly {aka napping}, and indulging in some self care.

And just incase any of us needed this reminder…. SELF CARE rocks and is necessary!

I find that when we are overseas my self care routine takes a bit of a back seat, and this is all good in the name of being a mama and supportive wife. However, I know that I need to make sure my cup is still full whenever possible.

self care

Since being home I have been indulging in some self care and I made myself a a deal. Commit to at least one act of kindness for ME, every day.

This has included setting aside 15 minutes for stretching, a warm bath with epsom salts and essential oils, a chiropractic adjustment, a hair cut, I signed up for a weekly prenatal Dancing for Birth class {which rocks!}, wake up 30 minutes before my daughter to prep for the day and I even went for a spa treatment.

BLISS I tell you!

I’m not saying that taking care of ourselves has to cost any additional money but knowing how much better I feel when I take care of me, I wanted to extend my little olive branch to you, so that you can be reminded of how important it is to love on yourself!

So my friend, what are you going to do today that is for YOU. So that you can thrive and feel a little more fabulous?

Share in the comments below some of your favourite self care regiments.  

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getting rid of the sickies

We’ve been hit with a case of the sickies.


I thought we escaped the winter bugs but alas, it has taken down two out of the three of us. Timing, not so great… although I realize there is never a convenient time to get sick. We are getting ready to head home to Canada on Sunday and I still have a lot of packing and cleaning to do.

Sloane was the first one down. Fever, hot and cold sweats and a bit of a cough. I did what I could to keep her happy. Within 24 hours her fever was down and she seemed to be on the mend and then bam, it hit me.

When mama goes down, it almost feels like the ship is going down. My husband happened to be on the road at the time and by the time he got home I was in bed with a fever and hot and cold sweats.

Luckily, we skipped the “flu” part of it for which I was super grateful.

However, I was a little concerned about being pregnant with a fever but a quick call to my Midwife put my mind at ease. She just told me to lay low, monitor the fever, drink lots of water, tea, ginger and lemon water, have some warmish baths and sleep.

Now, cue the violin.

My husband had another Birthday surprise on THE day that I was sick. Spa day and theatre tickets… all of which I couldn’t use. Such brutal timing… I’m still a lot sad about that.

But here we are two days later, and although we both are feeling better and have more energy our coughs and runny noses are lingering. I am doing everything that I can to get us healthy. I really don’t want Sloane to have crazy head and ear pressure once we get up in the air on Sunday.

While we were sick I tried to make sure we were getting lots of rest, water, simple but healthy food, tea, baths, essential oils {diffused into the air and on the soles of our feet}, and lots of snuggles.

Here is what I just came up with while she is down for a nap.


A batch of GOOT and some goodness that I just blended and put into the freezer to make popsicles.

GOOT stands for Garlic Oil Ointment Treatment. I first read about it HERE. Desperate times call for desperate measures. My husband and I usually up the garlic intake when we feel we are coming down with something but had yet to try this mixture. I plan on putting it on the soles of both of our feet this afternoon and then before bedtime.

For the popsicles I just blended up some kiwi, banana, raspberries, hemp seeds, juice of a lemon, ginger and water. The goal is a lot of Vitamin C and other vitamins as well as the amazing immune boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger!

I’m really hoping this gets us over the last hump!

I would love to know what your go-to home remedy is to rid of the sickies?

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