confessions of an {essential} oiler

It’s official.

I. Am. Obsessed. With. Essential. Oils.

Therapeutic, medicinal, food grade essential oils are my newest healthy tool in my tool box to help my family feel great and stay healthy.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of essential oils and maybe some of you even have a couple in your cupboards.

What most people don’t understand is that the quality of an essential oil is super important. I had no idea the difference between different brands or understand the process of how the life force of a plant and its various parts make its way into a bottle.

When used topically, aromatically or ingested {NOTE: YOU NEED A FOOD GRADE, HIGH QUALITY OIL AND NOT ALL CAN BE INGESTED} essential oils are P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L!

What I love is that despite essential oils seeming trendy right now, they’re not. Not even close. They have been used since biblical times by healers who understood the power of these oils.

The reason it has taken me almost two years to share with you my essential oil journey is because I value the trust you have put in me. I want you to know that I appreciate YOU coming to my blog, reading my little blurbs and supporting what I am most passionate about. I respect this and would never want to share with you something I don’t believe in.

After almost two years of consistently using Young Living Essential Oils on myself and my family and friends in sooooo many different ways, researching the company and the history and uses of essential oils I am now beyond confident in sharing more with you.


I believe we all have hundreds of choices each day in the way we live our life and the way we approach health and wellness. I believe in eating great food, moving, thinking happy thoughts and finding ways to live better. For me and my family, essential oils have become an important tool.

I have use them to detox our home from nasty chemicals, try out all sorts of DIY beauty, baby, pregnancy lotions and potions, help my husband recover from hockey related bang ups, and so much more!

My family has been reaping the benefits and I am now on a mission to share our stories and educate others on how to use Young Living Essential Oils.

I am so excited to be officially adding essential oils as a new modality to my health coaching biz and in addition to sharing more about the oils I will be building a team of essential oil ambassadors who love the product and want to help others understand their benefits too! YEAH!

I have already shared my DIY Baby Wipes ….

baby wipes

Next week I will go over my top 5 favourite oils and how you can use them too!

If you have any more questions about the oils or want to learn more –  email me at

Much love + have an incredible weekend beauty,

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berlin update + meatless monday inspiration

Yes my friends. We are in settled in Berlin.

photo 1 copy

Sloane started preschool.

Somebody please tell me how this happened so fast…

photo copy

I love how much she loves her new school, teachers, friends and how I can already see her growing up before my eyes in just a few short weeks.

Roman is 5 months now! It’s crazy. He is sitting tall, has rolled over a few times and I have started to introduce a few solid foods since he seems interested.

Re: interested.

With Sloane I feel like I was counting down the days until I could start having fun with food. Life with two kids is apparently a bit busier and these mini milestones are sneaking up on me.

The last few weeks at meal times he all of a sudden gets super fussy and annoyed. Finally my {super smart and ridiculously good looking} husband said, “maybe he’s hungry”….

Oh right, that.

Well wouldn’t you know it. The boy was hungry and wants to try small amounts of big people food.


See. He’s excited :)

So far avocado, banana and egg yolk have been a hit.

If you want to know more about baby food introduction you can read THIS.

I feel like I am back in a groove of meal prep in a different country. Stocking a new kitchen, getting used to finding our families favourite ingredients always takes a little time but we are back to some good eats.

I agree with Michael Pollan‘s quote….

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

If plant based meals are a little out of your comfort zone than the Meatless Monday movement might be up your alley.

Here is a little plant based recipe inspiration for you. This one is husband and toddler approved.

photo 2

Cauliflower, sweet potato and lentils are some super nutrients dense whole foods that make this recipe healthy and delicious.


  • Cauliflower
  • 4 medium sized sweet potatoes
  • Approx 2 cups of lentils
  • 1 carrot {grated or I used a veg peeler to get them into thin pieces}
  • Handful of almonds
  • 1 Tbsp curry spice mix
  • Clove of garlic
  • 1/3 cup Almond milk {or other milk or milk substitute}
  • Sea salt + black pepper to taste


  1. Rinse lentils and then cover with cold water in a large pot. Bring to a boil before reducing the heat and allowing to simmer/cook for about 15 minutes or until lentils are tender.
  2. Peel and chop your sweet potatoes and then add to some water and like the lentils, bring to a boil then reduce, simmer and cook until tender {about 12-15 minutes depending on the size of your chunks}.
  3. And one more pot! Rinse and chop your cauliflower and then add to a large pot. Cover with some water bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until cauliflower pieces are tender.
  4. Chop garlic, grate/slice carrots and lightly toast almonds while everything is cooking.
  5. When sweet potatoes and lentils are done. Drain and then add to your serving pan {I prefer ceramic} with the curry spice mix, and a dash of sea salt and black pepper. I used a little hand masher to mix it up a bit but if you want a smooth texture then use a hand blender or a blender/food processor.
  6. Next I layered the carrot on top of the lentils/sweet potato.
  7. When the cauliflower is done cooking, strain and then again using a hand masher/hand blender or blender add your almond milk, clove of garlic and a bit of sea salt and black pepper.
  8. Layer the cauliflower mash on top of the lentil/sweet potato and carrots then sprinkle some of the toasted almonds on top.

Add a salad and this makes a fabulous dinner. It made enough for leftovers too. Always a bonus.

So yes, I’m back in the kitchen and starting to ease my way back into some passion projects while I am on my mat leave. If there is anything in particular you want me to talk about, let me know!

Coming soon… our second home birth experience as well I am finally going to spill the beans about my essential oil obsession and how you can use these natural healing oils to help you and your family!

Much love my friend, have a great day!

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