Essential oils have been a game-changer in our home. The ability to simplify the products that we use and  green our home have been especially important to me with a young family. In addition to foods of course, essential oils are now our first line of defense for what life might throw our way. We have witnessed their healing ability and capabilities to help the body to thrive.

Here I will share more about our journey with oils and other Young Living products that rock my world. This means DIY cleaning, pregnancy, baby and body products as well as so many of the other ways we have been able to improve our immune system health, rebound faster when we do get sick, decrease stress, all kids baby and toddler related {cuts, scrapes, teething, growth spurts, meltdowns, ear aches}, and of course hockey injuries!

If you think essential oils could be something you would like to learn more about CLICK HERE **** oils page ****. I would love the opportunity to help you customize your own oil wellness plan and teach you how to build a flexible and profitable business by sharing the oils with others.