Each woman’s fertility journey is different but what I believe with every ounce of my being is that when you make mindful and healthy choices, you and your babe win every time!

My own personal hope was that if I tried to get fit, healthy and finally get a handle on my emotional health that conception would be quick, pregnancy would be enjoyable, delivery could even be joyous and that my body and mind would bounce back post baby on the ASAP.

Two pregnancies have been such a blessing and since sharing my own pregnancy journey I have been so fortunate to work with some amazing women wanting to make a healthy pregnancy possible.

Looking to become pregnant or are you pregnant and not sure what to do to feel your best and give your baby an incredible start in utero? Here are some preggo friendly resources all in one spot! 

Project Get Preggers: The hubs and I knew we wanted to start our own little family but I knew I was far from feeling ready. My body was in the worst place it had ever been, I had just quit my overnight stint as a radio news anchor and my stress, sleep habits and food were at their worst. That’s when it all began. I started to consistently workout and did an overhaul on my food. My commitment to health truly started at this moment. It was no longer about a pant size or certain weight, it was about becoming healthy to conceive and so that I could keep up to life with a young family! One of the MOST valuable parts of my journey was hand picking an incredible team of health practitioners from a wide array of other complementary therapies to help me along the way. I hope this gives you some ideas of what is available to you and some easy ways to tweak your habits to support healthy conception.

Thankfully, it didn’t take us long to get pregnant with Sloane. Here are some updates I shared along the way from Pregnancy Numero Uno.

Our birthing journey’s are without a doubt, two of the most incredible days of my life.

Here you can read PART 1, PART 2 and PART 3 of our first homebirth experience with Sloane.

My heart still skips a beat when I look at some of these precious “firsts”. Grateful to be able to share her with the world.

Fast forward 14 months and we decided we wanted to get pregnant again. This time around I felt better prepared in many ways. Although I didn’t have as much time and energy to commit to the workouts as I had been doing the first time around, I did my best to stay active and committed to making mindful food choices to ensure my body had recovered from the first round and was ready for another pregnancy.

Again, we were so thankful it didn’t take long to get pregnant.

Here you will find some pregnancy observations from the second time around: 

My little man decided to make his grand entrance into the world 9 days before his expected due date. We were ready and so excited to share his sweet little face with everyone.

Roman's birth story will be up on the blog shortly! 

DISCLAIMER :: Each fertility journey is uniquely different and there can be some very real challenges that food and lifestyle alone can not help. NO advice shared here is to imply that this should be understood otherwise. Always follow the advice of your family doctor, OBGYN, and midwife. This is my personal journey and it is here to offer suggestions on how to take control of preparing for pregnancy and for when you do become pregnant.