The Thriving Mom Project

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The Thriving Mom Project


THE THRIVING MOM PROJECT is a 4-week interactive online program that will give you the tools to truly thrive as a healthy mama so that you can transition to a more healthy, vibrant and simplified way of living.

This program is designed to simplify and healthify your life! All the motivation you need to stay accountable for better health so you can rock your mom-journey!

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THE THRIVING MOM PROJECT is here to give you the tools to take control of your health that ultimately impacts your entire family. 

I have combined years of one-on-one health coaching with amazing women like you, taken my personal journey through two pregnancies, building 2 online businesses and supporting my husband’s career as well as years of reading, learning, studying and applying new ways to live better.

In my experience, choosing the right food isn’t the hard part the real challenge is adapting a healthy lifestyle so that it STICKS!

Here is just a little sneak peek at what will be covered in the 4 weeks …  

  • What to eat, when to eat and how to eat the most nourishing and delicious food to fuel for the health of your body and brain.  

  • Learn how to modify and healthify any recipe that are mama + kid approved. 

  • Simple ways to improve digestion to decrease bloat, find your perfect weight, get sick less and ramp up your energy.

  • Get the glow! The good news is that it’s not about expensive creams. True glowing beauty happens from the inside out. Learn how to glow!

  • No calorie counting, no diets just REAL food. Decrease cravings; cut sugar, caffeine and other food pit-falls that are holding you back.

  • How to stock a healthy kitchen.

  • Fill up your healthy tool box with new ideas and ways to live well, feel better and both simplify and detox your home allowing you to prioritize your time and energy. 

  • How to sensor negative self-talk and beliefs that are holding you back from thriving.

  • A practical approach to movement with a customized quick sweat sesh designed for TTMP by health and wellness guru, Jillian Supryka! An easy workout routine that you can work into your week anywhere. No excuses!  

  • Easy tips to improve sleep habits and decrease stress.

  • How to commit to mom friendly self-love and self-care tactics every day.

  • So many free bonuses to help you on your journey! Worksheets, fun handouts, printable guides, ongoing social media support and much more!