What are essential oils and what are they used for?  

You are truly missing out if you haven’t added essential oils to your healthy toolbox yet!

An essential oil is the liquid that you end up with when the flowers, leaves, roots, stems and other parts of plant, tree or shrub are distilled. It is essentially taking the intelligent life-blood of a plant and bottling it up so that we can benefit from its aromatic and therapeutic properties.

Essential oils benefit both our physical, emotional and spiritual health. When you use high quality and pure essential oils they are completely chemical free and have the ability to do some pretty magical things such as; stimulate antibodies, endorphins, hormones, enzymes and increase the uptake of oxygen. AMAZING!

There are three ways that you can use essential oils in your day-to-day life either to promote a healthy lifestyle or address specific health challenges. They can be used aromatically, topically and ingested {Note: when ingesting you must understand how powerful these are and follow safety guidelines!}

Just to give you an idea of how these work, when applied topically the oils enter your bloodstream within a couple of minutes, it actually penetrates the cell membrane in about 20-30 minutes and is metabolized by the body in a couple of hours! THIS is what makes them so powerful.

Knowing how to safely use the oils by diluting and applying them is important. A few of my favourite resources are 6th Edition Essential Oils Pocket Reference, Reference Guide for Essential Oils App and Gentle Babies : Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care.

Why our family chose Young Living.

I have tried several brands over the years before I got more serious on my quest for quality. There are several reputable brands but I am amazed and thrilled with the results our family has seen with Young Living.

I mostly dabbled in the oils that I found at my local health food store and played around with oils like peppermint, lemon, lemongrass and lavender. I would add some to my bath water, mix it in with my coconut oil or add to my laundry detergent. Pretty simple stuff.

Fast forward to about 2 years ago when I started looking for more answers into WHAT essential oils were, quality regulations and more ways to use them in my family's every day life. After experimenting with Young Living’s essential oils - I haven’t looked back.

Young Living is a leader in essential oils and has established itself as a quality brand over the last 20 years. I have confidence knowing how the oils are grown, harvested, and distilled and bottled through the company’s Seed To Seal guarantee.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Dr. Mom, I have worked to simplify and clean up the food we eat and become aware of our environment and the products that we use too. Young Living’s essential oils have been such a fun new tool I have added to my healthy toolbox to decrease our exposure to unnecessary chemicals that are found in so many household items.

Not all essential oils are equal and not all oils will have the same results for each person. Please do your research and understand where your oils come from, how they are grown, harvested, tested and how to safely use them. 

How we use essential oils in our home and why I recommend them to my clients.

When we started using the oils my goal was to cut down on the amount of chemicals in our home and instead transition to greener products for myself, my husband and our children. Essential oils and some other Young Living products have allowed us to do so and as a heath conscious mama, that’s a huge win!

There isn’t much value in eating the very best organic food, doing everything in your power to be healthy but ignoring your environment and the products you expose yourself to every day. What you apply on your skin and the environment around you affects your health.  The short and long term effects may vary person to person but I hope you will consider transitioning to cleaner products so that your body doesn’t have to work as hard to detox what you are exposed to and work so hard to stay healthy.

In addition to food and healthy supplements,  essential oils are my go-to first line of defense to keep our body in good health, for all things baby and toddler, balance emotions and mood, promote restful sleep and so much more!  teething, cuts, scrapes, bruising, over-activity, mood, improving sleep, so much more.  

Need I say more!?! What are you waiting for friend?

Essential oils rock and I hope you will consider upping your health game by detoxing your home, beauty, body and home cleaning care products and transitioning to more natural first aid kit and medicine cabinet for your family. 

Here is how you can get started with essential oils!

Check out Young Living’s 2015 online product guide to browse the oils and other products. 

You have two options when getting started ….

You can purchase at RETAIL cost and I would be happy to help you customize your own order.

No Starter Kit is required and order whenever you like {but you will pay 24% more than a wholesale customer}.

To start shopping click HERE,  select RETAIL CUSTOMER, country, language then follow the steps to select your product and you are done.


Enroll and become a MEMBER so that you can access wholesale pricing that is 24% off.

Your only requirement as a CANADIAN MEMBER is….

  • Place at least one order of 50 PV in a 12-month period.

There are no other catches and the benefit is cheaper products and in my opinion, this is the way to go!

My recommendation is to start with the PREMIUM STARTER KIT. You will receive 11 of the most versatile and popular oils + a kick butt diffuser + some other samples. There are so many ways to use the oils and this will allow you to start using them in so many ways during your day!

To ENROLL and make your first oily purchase, with WHOLESALE pricing, click HERE

Select MEMBER, country, language and follow the steps to select the Starter Kit of your choice and any other product and then you are done.

Love the oils and want to know how to earn points to use for free product, and decrease your shipping costs?

The Essential Rewards program is a monthly auto-ship program allowing you the benefits of wholesale cost product, earn points to use for free product, and access reduced shipping rates. It’s like Christmas once a month at our house! 

Essential Rewards would be a great fit for you and your family if…

  • You have fallen in love with YL products and you know you will be adding them to your every day life.
  • You are excited to expand your use of oils to help transition from unnecessary toxic products in your home and can’t wait to try out other Young Living products too! So many to choose from, babies, animals, bath and body products, cleaning supplies, supplements, antioxidant powered drink NingXia {my fav!} and soooo much more! This truly is a lifestyle shift and I love the ability to have a one-stop shop for so many quality products.
  • You want to share the power of the oils with the people you love the most. Oils are now my go-to-gift for pregnant mamas, baby gifts, and birthdays… you name it! #theresanoilforthat
  • OPTIONAL: Enrolling in the ER’s program also allows you the chance to build a business by sharing and educating others on how to use essential oils for better health! Contact me for more info on joining ‘the healthy ginger oily tribe’ but know that there is NEVER any pressure to do so. Just an added benefit!

When you enroll for the ER program your only requirement is that you place an order each month with a minimum 50 PV {PV = product volume and each product has a PV value}. Should you no longer want to use the oils or YL products. You can cancel your wholesale membership and Essential Rewards enrolment at any time. Enough said.

Empower and share.

So you love the oils and have fallen head over heels for other YL products…want to learn more about how you can share this to benefit your family and friends?

I used YL’s products for three years and in that time couldn’t help but share with my family and friends. Once my family witnessed how incredible they were I couldn’t stop telling people about why they should love them too. In addition to being an online health coach, I am now an Essential Oils Educator too!

I am building an incredible group of women around the world, who are empowered to make healthier choices for their families and are excited about the opportunity to share them so that they can cover their own oil habits AND add additional income to their home!

Want to know if joining my essential oil wellness tribe is a good fit for you? Connect with me—natasha@thehealthyginger.com.

Want to know more about essential oils?

My team and I host ongoing live and online events to educate you on what essential oils are and how to use them. I also have a private FB group so connect with me to get started! 

The Not So Fine Print

I am not a doctor, just a mom who is passionate about healthy living for my family. Any oils talked about on this blog are specific to Young Living essential oils. Statements included on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any and all information is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I always recommend speaking with your doctor or trained professional before starting to use essential oils. Do your research to understand how to use essential oils safely when used aromatically, topically or ingested. I only recommend Young Living essential oils because of their purity {Seed to Seal guarantee} as well as extensive testing of products that are free of chemicals or any other inorganic/harmful substances.