Natasha did a fantastic job of creating TTMP and despite a lot of information, it was presented in a really easy-to-follow way. I also really liked the extra links and resources provided to us. I think the biggest “eureka moment” for me was finally coming to the realization that it [healthy living] is a process and not just something you change one day. I have always known that, but I think deep down I was still hoping that I would magically change everything at once and voila, a new me! Not so ;) I think for me, the next step is figuring out how to put everything together with the food part and working in work out time. But baby steps! Thank you for all of this information and I can’t wait to be a part of the next round!
— Jennifer K, mama of 2
I hadn’t hit rock bottom, but I definitely was not thriving. A year and a half into motherhood, I was still trying to figure out how to achieve balance in my daily life. I was a work in progress. While I don’t expect that search for progress to ever stop, nor do I strive for perfection, a thriving mom? I wanted to be THAT for my family. When my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child, it seemed like the perfect jump-start I was looking for.
The Thriving Mom Project is a community of women who want more for themselves and their family. It provided a safe place to ask questions, to learn and share alongside others who are going through a similar journey. I think what makes the TTMP unique is its format. I was able to download and browse the weekly PDF, post a question, share my thoughts, attend a live webinar or access it later; all at my own pace. As a busy mom, that was key for me. Topics are both original and comprehensive, and Natasha’s style is completely approachable, motivating and fresh.
I’m grateful to Natasha and the extended community of women for their support as I explored what healthier and happier looked like for me. TTMP is the gift that keeps on giving; both to myself and my family.
— Sarah Likens, mama of 1 and another babe is on the way
I took part in The Thriving Mom Project while I was pregnant with my first baby and I’m so glad I didn’t wait. There was so much amazing information that helped me through my pregnancy and now as a new mom I am going back through all of the amazing e-books that I received during the program. I took something new away every single week and I know that I will continue to put all of the advice I received into practice! I also loved the chance to take some special time for myself and connect with other Thriving Moms each week! I would highly recommend this program to all mamas, mamas-to-be, and future moms! Thank you for an amazing program, Natasha - you really put your heart and soul into this project, and I can’t wait to participate again!
— Becky M, mama of 1
When I signed up for the Thriving Mom Project I wasn’t sure if it was for me or not because I actually wasn’t yet a mom. I had just passed through my first trimester of pregnancy with our first baby. For those of you that have been pregnant you’ll know the first trimester generally brings with it feelings of nausea, exhaustion and emotional/hormonal highs and lows. My self care hit the dust. I was so thankful that I signed up because my attitude towards taking care of me and in turn our unborn baby quickly changed. With the help of Natasha and all of her incredible information and encouragement, along with the support of the TTMP group of ladies I was ready to tackle the rest of pregnancy and slide into being a mom feeling healthy and rejuvenated! I picked up some seriously easy, healthy and quick prep ideas for eating more in our own kitchen and less takeout. I learned a lot about better beauty products and sneaking essential oils into our lives. This just touches on the info I took away from this amazing program. More then anything after the online sessions I felt so encouraged to be my best self and set us up at home for healthy living as a family of 3! Thank you Natasha and to all of the amazing Moms in the first round of TTMP. I’m happy to report that myself, my husband and my new little lady are all healthy and thriving!
— Jenny R, new mama

THE THRIVING MOM PROJECT is an interactive, online program that will give you the tools to truly thrive as a healthy mama so that you can transition to a more healthy, vibrant and simplified way of living.

This program is designed to simplify and healthify your life! Learn to put your needs close to that of your family so that you can rock your mom-journey.

I want you to thrive right now whether you are gearing up for a healthy fertility journey, newly pregnant, rocking it as a stay-at-home-mom, working mama, retired or if you have babies, toddlers, teens or grandchildren. It’s our nature to give and give sometimes more than we should. This is our gift but also at times, our downfall. When you take care of the health of your body and mind you can give more to your children, your partner and the rest of the world.

By joining THE THRIVING MOM PROJECT you will be a part of our incredible group of women world-wide who support each other and are committed to feeling better and living well for the health of their families and themselves. No mommy-wars and no judgment. When you have your health and energy, anything is possible!

Here is just a little sneak peek at what we will cover...  

  • What to eat, when to eat and how to eat the most nourishing and delicious food to fuel for the health of your body and brain.  
  • Learn how to modify and healthify any recipe that are mama + kid approved. 
  • Simple ways to improve digestion to decrease bloat, find your perfect weight, get sick less and ramp up your energy.
  • Get the glow! The good news is that it’s not about expensive creams. True glowing beauty happens from the inside out. Learn how to glow!
  • No calorie counting, no diets just REAL food. Decrease cravings; cut sugar, caffeine and other food pit-falls that are holding you back.
  • How to stock a healthy kitchen.
  • Fill up your healthy tool box with new ideas and ways to live well, feel better and both simplify and detox your home allowing you to prioritize your time and energy. 
  • How to sensor negative self-talk and beliefs that are holding you back from thriving.
  • A practical approach to movement with a customized quick sweat sesh designed for TTMP by health and wellness guru, Jillian Supryka! An easy workout routine that you can work into your week anywhere. No excuses!  
  • Easy tips to improve sleep habits and decrease stress.
  • How to commit to mom friendly self-love and self-care tactics every day.
  • So many free bonuses to help you on your journey! Worksheets, fun handouts, printable guides, ongoing social media support and much more!

Here is how the online format works. The best part is it is convenient and you can do so from anywhere in the world!


I want you to reclaim your health; love your body and life with more passion each day! I promise, no overwhelm. Learn how to navigate the waters of healthy living and find what works for you. Work towards healthy conception and pregnancy, rebound from pregnancy {no matter how long ago it was}, keep up to the energy of your kids, improve digestion, amp up your immune system, better skin, hair and nails, rebalance hormones, moderate mood, learn to love your most perfect imperfections, set goals, follow your dreams, support the people you love the most.

YES, you can have it all!  

I don’t want your health and your dreams to take a back seat. Being a mama is hard work. I want you to soar. I want you to grow. I want you to thrive. I want your health to be non-negotiable. I want you to feel well so you can live well for you and your family. 

Why The Thriving Mom Project?

My ongoing health journey is one of finding harmony even with the chaos of life, having energy for my family and being able to fulfill my own personal goals. 

However, after the birth of my second child, my own health took a bit of a dive. I had super low energy, found myself sick frequently and even as a health coach it took me some serious commitment to get my health back on track.

I have walked in your shoes. I have had moments of less than perfect. I love my kids more than words or actions will ever be able to express but in those difficult days and weeks, prioritizing my own health has taken a back seat. I have learned that when mama goes down, the whole ship goes down.

None of us have time to be sick or feel unwell. I don’t want to wait for a serious health crisis to get my shit together. Nope. I am committed to putting my needs close to the needs of my own family. I haven’t always succeeded but I am finding my way and I want to help you find your way too.

THE THRIVING MOM PROJECT is here to give you the tools to take control of your health that ultimately impacts your entire family. 

I have combined years of one-on-one health coaching with amazing women like you [read a few success stories here], taken my personal journey through two pregnancies, building 2 online businesses and supporting my husband’s career as well as years of reading, learning, studying and applying new ways to live better.

In my experience, choosing the right food isn’t the hard part the real challenge is adapting a healthy lifestyle so that it STICKS!

Join our community of healthy thriving mama’s. Because you know what, you deserve it. Live life a little more self-focused without sacrificing the needs of the ones we love the most. Let's become incredible role models for our children and give them the tools they need so they understand how to live well.

So what are you waiting for?!?

THE THRIVING MOM PROJECT kicks off SOON and I want you there!

Know of another mama who could use the motivation to get healthy? Why not share the love and do it together. 

JOIN the THRIVING MOM PROJECT and become a part of our amazing community of mama’s rocking their health and following their passions. 


Your Investment Is:


The Spring 2016 instalment of the Thriving Mom Project is coming soon!

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TTMP has a way of reminding you how amazing you are. It’s a great way to get back on course or find a new course. I love that Natasha continually reminded me to pick and choose what worked for me and my house. I struggled with post-partum anxiety and found TTMP to be very helpful as it introduced me to many new tools and was a safe secure place to learn about self care. Thanks Natasha!
— Laurie McCutcheon, mama of 3
I really loved how detailed and “user-friendly” the modules were. I have printed them out and have them in a book beside my bed for those evenings when I need a little inspiration or reflection on the day. I have taken many lessons from what was covered and have tried to implement many things into my daily routine. I`ve always known this but your optimism and enthusiasm is inspiring and infectious, you are so motivational without being judgemental, harsh or intimidating. I think this is such a crucial attribute ESPECIALLY when trying to motivate mamas who often feel lost, fatigued, or just plain not at their best. Thank you!
— Colleen B, mama of 3
The Thriving Mom Project is not a fad diet trend, it is changing the way you view food and how to make it apart of your lifestyle. Looking at how to integrate better for you foods, methods of cooking and other safer products such as beauty and cleaning supplies. Most importantly, TTMP emphasizes that it is okay to make time for yourself and to invest more of an interest in your health now, for yourself and your family! Thanks Natasha.
— Stephanie Donelle, mama of 1 with another babe on the way!
Jennifer B.JPG
I found all of the information super helpful! The timing was perfect for me. Eating clean and green has been extremely beneficial for my family. I lost 10lbs over the course of TTMP 6 which felt so good! I’ve made many changes in our home and there is still room for more. I thought the program was absolutely worth the cost and I highly recommend this for all moms. I can’t wait to be apart of the fall instalment!
— Jen B, mama of 4
Participating in The Thriving Mom Project I got my money’s worth - and then some! The program provided documented, up-to-date and valuable content in an easy-to-apply format that I have been referencing ever since - once you’ve had your own homemade salad dressing you’ll never go back! The videos added a bonus social aspect that reminded you that you’re not alone and demonstrated just how passionate Natasha is about helping other moms. Would recommend TTMP in a heart beat!
— Mary Ann W